Through cooperation we would like to present the high claim of your brand or product to the public. Gladly NIWO Motorsport would offer the exclusive setting for your future events. In addition, you have the opportunity to have a promising and strong partner at your side. NIWO Motorsport presents your brand or product to the general public with pride and commitment as an advertising partner and sponsor of our team.

> One hundred percent availability of highl visible advertising space
> Identification on overalls and team clothing
> Identification on the team bus
> The car design is created in cooperation with your specifications
> Availability of car and driver for promotional purposes and other performances (depending on the availability of the driver)
> Eye-catching performances in newspapers and magazines

Marketing opportunities

Plus the direct commissions by the team you can pull indirect benefits from the sponsorship.
This includes:

> Access to a very attractive audience of regional and international motorsport fans
​​ > International access to motorsport enthusiasts through print media
> Demonstration of a progressive image of the sponsor
> Promotional campaigns for its patronage of the team
> Great entertainment for customers during incentives
> Under agreements with the race organization, the sponsor may provide promotion stands for brand-specific products during the race weekends
> The sponsor may develop product packaging or special sales labels that are associated with the sponsorship